Friday, July 19, 2013

burn notice: my favorite scents for your home

I have a love for great candles.  They just make me happy, make your house feel cozy and calm, and are a "splurge" that is affordable...if that makes sense?!  I know that scents are completely a personal preference but I feel most of these are that just perfect light scent that can work in anyones hopefully you will love them too!

1: diptyque baies is hands down my go to(as I know it is for many of you too) but its just the perfect scent that is not too overbearing.  Which is why I have 2 sizes shown  the regular size is more budget friendly and the large indoor/outdoor one is just plain pretty and then reuse the jar as a vase, ect.  // 2: tom dixon orientalist // 3. nest holiday fragrance (I know its July but this really is christmas in a jar!) // 4. balenciaga l'essence // 5. jo malone blackberry and bay // 6. diptyque fue de bois // 7. diptyque 34 boulevard st germain // 8. tocca candelle de viaggio (these small candles are perfect to add to a guest bath or tray in your guest room) // 9. byredo apocalyptic

Do you have a favorite scent?  I am always on the lookout for new ones!

1 comment:

  1. Archipelago "Arugula" is my go to! I won't let Austin burn it if I'm not home, can't waste that fragrance on just him!


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