Wednesday, July 3, 2013

alfresco dining

This time of year we find ourselves dining outside more than in.  It just makes things easier and more relaxing and is great for entertaining.

A few tips to great outdoor entertaining:
Bring the inside out:  Use furniture from your house such as dining chairs or even wing chairs for the head of the table.  A chest or dresser an make great area for a buffet or bar.
No paper or plastic:  Use your finest china and linens outside.  Bonus... you're being green!
Set the mood with lighting:  Use candles and string lights to create a laid back and relaxing atmosphere.
Cool nights:  Have a basket of throws ready or pashminas draped over the back of chairs for guests as the temperature gets cooler at night.
Relax and enjoy:  It will be more fun for you and your guests this one enjoys an uptight host!

To get you started with a look....

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