Friday, June 7, 2013

well designed masculine spaces

While everyone is prepping for Fathers Day which is just over a week away (check back for a gift guide Monday!) I thought I would show some masculine spaces that still have good design.  While most men's idea of design is a large flat screen (over the mantle of course!), a recliner or recliner sofa (preferably with built in cup holders), and to top it off a mini fridge is like their version of original Dorothy Draper chests!  Not to mention a room with nothing but their favorite sports memorabilia (see photo below!).

While I completely get it and understand how this is sometimes the collateral..." can have a life sized bobble head if I get a new viking oven!"  However there are so many masculine spaces that still incorporate good design!

This closet by Tommy Smythe is still one of my all time favorite I want it for myself!

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