Thursday, June 13, 2013

lets be frends!

Sorry I have been the worst blogger this has been a crazy week with work, visitors, and realizing our trip to Italy has completely snuck up on me..and I'm not ready at all!  So any free time has been spent running errands and getting everything in order!  So here is something i'm dying to have before we leave...Frends headphones!  They are pretty amazing looking...though I cannot find anyone in Nashville that sells them and I've missed the shipping window! (if you know of a place here please let me know!)  Also do any of you own them?  What are your thoughts?  Ive decided on white and gold (lets get serious...that was a hands down decision with my slight obsession with this color combo) yet I cannot decide on the Layla or Taylor???  Decisions, decisions!  How pretty are they...and perfect for summer travel!

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