Monday, June 24, 2013

fantastic gallery walls

Sorry guys my blogger switched over to Italian making it less than fun to deal much as I would like to think I'm fluent in Italian...I'm as far from it as you can be!  I believe I have figured out how to use it though!

Gallery walls can be a great thing when done right...however many people think they look so easily put together, which they sometimes can be...the hardest part is collecting all of the items you plan to use...the trick is to have way more than you need and then play from there.  Here are some cool ones I really like that may give you an idea to get started in the right direction!

Floor to ceiling gallery walls...obviously you need lots to fill an entire wall...but the statement is amazing...just make sure to leave the rest of the room pretty neutral so it doesn't start to scream "hoarder!"

This on on the left is amazing and hands down my favorite...Love how they framed the Hermes bags and left them propped against the wall...this small detail creates a more relaxed look.

Not all pictures are framed...some just directly on the wall!

You don't have to use just pictures or art....grouping lots of one object in different shapes creates an awesome wall..

Or include objects along with art and pictures....

Create a theme and go with it....silhouettes!

Great for kids...a chalkboard wall...umm no holes in the wall and super easy to "move" things around!

This is one of my all time how they use neon frames!

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