Thursday, June 27, 2013

eating our way through Italy

Were back!! After 28 hrs of travel back I barely know my name so im keeping it simple today...sorry if you are hungry or on a low carb diet because this post will probably not help!  I realized my phone included an obscene amount of food pics from our trip basically showing how we ate our way through italy!

Because it is Italy and lots of wine is unavoidable.  Oh and coke light...doesnt it just taste better?  Or maybe its because you have to be in a foreign country to be drinking it that makes it better!?

 So much pasta, pizza, cheese and bread.....yummo!!!

First time trying gnocchi...did not dissapoint!

And because when youve consumed this amount of calories whats a few more?!  GELATO!!!

Now off to catch up on 1000 things and find a treadmill!!!!

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