Sunday, June 30, 2013

don't miss out: bloglovin'

So word on the street is Google Reader aka Google Friend Connect is going away tomorrow.  I am undecided if this is just a rumor or legit but to be on the safe side I thought I would give you a heads up...if you use google reader!  I will say I read blogs for years before switching to a reader and I love them!  It puts all of your favorite blogs onto one page so you do not have to go to each website!

I recently added Bloglovin' which is one of the top readers and many bloggers use!  So hopefully all of your other favorites are there too!  And if Google Friend Connect doesn't go away then this is just one more way to stay connected!

So to subscribe to this site through Bloglovin' click on the button to your right!  You can also subscribe by email and have posts(and nothing else!) delivered to your inbox!

more ways to follow:

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