Wednesday, May 15, 2013

miami: the viceroy/icon

Sorry for my slight hiatus...we had a family members funeral yesterday and I decided to take the day off to be present in spending time with family.  Then last night was a mad rush of packing for Miami, which is where I am now!!  Were completing the next phase of the Miami condo located in the Icon (which is hands down the coolest building ever).  It makes me so jealous that this is someones home!  The Icon is the residential building included with the famous Viceroy Hotel...designed by one of my all time favorites Kelley Wearstler (she's also from SC!).  Be prepared...this is like design porn!

To see even more check out the Viceroy's website and also this post by Linda @Calling it Home

Be sure to follow me on instagram (@mshaw315) as I promise you won't want to miss sneak peaks and all of the amazingness in this town!

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