Friday, May 10, 2013

design were you dine: modern steak scottsdale, az

I am a sucker for good design in a restaurant...and I'm one of those people who notices the design in pretty much every restaurant which then leads me to thinking what I would do differently and what ideas I need to put in the memory bank.  Well there is one place that has continued to be the top of my list.  It is just so cool and amazingly done and even better I found it accidentally.  While on vacation at The Phonecian in Scottsdale, AZ (which is another post in itself!) my sister and I trekked out to do some shopping and off to Fashion Square Mall.  I normally don't think of malls as places for cool restaurants, but this completely negates that theory!  Modern Steak is by far the coolest restaurant!  I first noticed it because of their outdoor dining area fully equipt with super cool cutout awning and Trina Turk fabrics!!  I'll just let you see for yourself!

The bar area...isnt it to die for!?

My favorite area...the patio!  Love they still used curved "booths" and the laser cut ceiling!  They have definitely mastered ceilings in this place!

Ahh...I want to go back like yesterday!  Hope you all have a good weekend and safe travels for Mother's Day!

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  1. I notice all of that, too. What a lovely restaurant. My favorite part is the outdoors also.


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