Thursday, May 23, 2013

beach art

Over the past few months I have developed a slight love affair for beach art.  First, who doesn't love the beach?!  And art is suppose to be something that makes you happy and smile.  I also love how while it has a modern feel it could look AMAZING in a traditional home...its just the right amount of "unexpected" to really make a room!  I think it could be so cool in a kitchen or over a hallway console....or pretty much anywhere!  There are two artists who have the prefect pieces...Teil Duncan and Gray Malin.

Teil Duncan, a Charleston, SC based artist who just recently started a beach series...and I'm pretty much obsessed.  (she is also a great source for nude paintings)

This one is hands down my favorite...and I was so sad to find out it was sold!  Hopefully she will come out with another version of this!  I feel like its a painting of my own friends from one of our many girls beach trips!

Gray Malin is an expert at birds eye view photography of some of the most amazing places in the world.  Seriously check out his will make you want to be on a plane to some place tropical ASAP!

Doesn't it make you so glad we have a long weekend!


  1. I love #3. What I like about this beach are is that it does not yell "beach art".

  2. It reminds me of our beach trips, too! And I have a Gray Malin photograph and love love it!


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