Wednesday, April 17, 2013

the elephant in the room

Most of the time when you think about incorporating animals into your home you think animal print right?  A cowhide, cheetah pillow, ect.  Lately i've noticed more and more elephants being used in interiors...and I mean why not...they usually make you think of being a kid at the circus or zoo! (or maybe thats just me!)

So I have heard tidbits here and there about the meaning of the elephant so I looked into it a little more.  You know the saying "an elephant never forgets"...well they don't.  They have the ability to remember where all they've been and never travel a route that seemed dangerous before.  They also are great at staying in packs and can recognize if they find elephant bones in the wild if they are from a member of their family.  Many believe them to be a symbolism of good stewardship meaning they are hardworking creatures that still have a gentle aura about them.  Their large ears also represent that they listen more than the speak!  Many of these are part of the Hindu belief.

In Feng Shui the elephants trunk also plays a role...a trunk facing up shows a showering of good luck, two elephants with intertwined trunks is a symbolism of friendship, and an elephant with their trunk down is suppose to help with fertility!  Crazy huh?  It makes me look at elephants used in peoples homes completely differently...were they included for one of these reasons or did the owner just think elephants were cool?!?

Bring an elephant into your room!!!
There is LOTS out there for any price point or space!!!

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