Monday, April 29, 2013

new paint line: amy howard at home

While at High Point I accidentally and thankfully stumbled across what ended up being one of my favorite finds of the trip....a new paint line which included LACQUER SPRAY PAINT!  (if you follow me on instagram you probably saw where I posted a pic of it!)  I'm talking real lacquer...not a high gloss enamel!  The paint line was created by Amy Howard of Amy Howard at Home (which is a Memphis based company!).

 I had the privilege to meet Amy herself and attend a demo she did of all of her paints...I'm telling you this is GOOD stuff y'all.  Amy herself is such an amazing and gracious person that hearing her speak made you want to buy one of everything...her passion for what she does showed.  I would recommend checking out her other products because they are just as amazing but I wanted to focus on the Lacquer spray paint.  As many of you know, at least to my knowledge (and if I'm wrong please let me know b/c I would love to know about other products) but this is the first lacquer spray paint you can buy in a can!  The past option has been to buy lacquer in a can and either hand paint on, use a spray gun tool to apply, or the even more expensive route would be to have it professionally lacquered.

What I could not get over was how smooth the finish did not look like spray paint at all!!!!  This is an awesome way to update some thrift or outdated furniture you already own!  The line currently comes in 14 colors so there is sure to be one you would like to use!

You can see her entire paint collection here
& The Lacquer series here

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  1. I do follow you and remember seeing this. I can't wait to try it. Rustoleum has a lacquer spray, but I don't like it. I think there is only a black or white version. I need to find out where I can buy this one!


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