Monday, April 1, 2013

mixing metals

Recently I have realized with several different people that some still think you need to follow the rule of "all gold" or "all silver," as in if you have a gold/brass light fixture then you should also have gold door knobs, lamps, hardware ect.  While it is not necessarily bad to have everything in the same metal it is definitely ok to mix metal tones.  I personally like to mix...that way if you see something you love you can still use it even if it does not "match" what you already have going on.  Because ultimately the most important thing with interior design is for your home to be a place full of things that YOU love.  Here are some spaces to show that you CAN mix gold (or brass) with silver (chrome, nickel)!

These cabinets are AMAZING!

Both of these used gold tone light fixtures with either chrome furniture or chrome bath fixtures.

The brass kick plates and hardware in the kitchen on the left still work with a modern light fixture and stainless steel hood.

The antique gold chandelier and mirror stand out against the modern bath fixtures.

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