Friday, April 19, 2013

high point & new target collection

I wrote this post yesterday before hearing about the explosion in Texas and now everything going on in makes me sick, yet I still can't get away from the news (and police scanner app) waiting to hear them say they have caught the 2nd punk.  I debated even posting this, yet figure if you're taking the time to do some blog reading today its probably because you want something light hearted and not so serious and depressing to read...Praying for Boston and TX!

So I'm off to North Carolina today for High Point Market (aka fashion week for your home!) which starts tomorrow!  I'm super excited to learn about new vendors and see what all is up and coming.

If you want to follow my trip & get a first glance at 
what is new in home decor & design follow me on:

Instagram (@mshaw315)
Twitter (@malloryshaw315)

Beware: its sure to be images of some super cool stuff you may not be able to live without!

If you want to get in on some new home decor for yourself check out Target's newest Threshold collection that will be in stores this weekend...Its some pretty awesome stuff! Here are a few of my favs but you can see the entire collection here!

I actually picked up both sizes of the metal urchin wall pieces earlier this week (just bring out your southern charm and big smile and sometimes they will pull stuff from the back for you!)  I posted an image of the smaller one on instagram and still haven't decided where I'm going use the big one (its 12" in diameter!)  You can't tell from the above image but they are actually black metal with gold tips..and super heavy..and I totally love them!

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend with great weather and pretty things!


  1. Have a ball at High Point I'd love to go some day. Also so impressed with Target's Threshold collection. I already have few pieces at my place!

  2. Very interesting. I am sure whey you come back you will have found really wonderful new designs. It is amazing how fast everything from the home is updated.

  3. I would love to read about the condo you are doing at the Viceroy.

  4. Ooh, haven't seen those urchins yet. Might have to get in on that action. Oh, and I think I just ordered the same knobs for a cabinet in my kids playroom/family room. Can't wait to see what you found at market. I went in the fall of 2011 and had the best time. Overwhelming but fun!


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