Friday, April 26, 2013

high point: the adamsleigh estate part 2

As promised here is the rest of the Adamsleigh Estate...I will admit I liked the upstairs better mainly b/c I want any of these bedrooms to be my own!!

A daughters bedroom by Jack Phillips of West Palm Beach, FL
This one is for all you Scalamandre lovers!!!

 Another Daughter's Room by Kara Cox of Greensboro, NC
Check out the walls...this is the original plaster was amazing!

A Guest Room by Debby Gomulka of Wilmington, NC
I loved how most of the bedroom had built-in vanities!

 Another Guest Room by Meagan Winters of Chicago, IL..this one I LOVED...Those stripes on the ceiling...ahh!

The Maid's Room that Leslie May of Chapel Hill, NC designed to be a teen hangout...LOVE the lacquered walls!

The Owners Sitting Room by Lisa Kahn-Allen of Naples, FL.  This is where they would visit before going to their separate bedrooms!!!

His Bedroom by Warren Kessler of Durham, NC

 This is an awesome idea for people who live in houses with those annoying small closets that aren't deep enough for a hanger! (We had these in a house I lived in in college and it was interesting!)
His Dressing Room by Traci Zeller and one of my fellow Tobi F Campers...Lisa Mende of Charlotte, NC


Her Bedroom & Dressing Room by Robert Brown of Atlanta, GA...wouldn't you love to get ready here!


Enjoy your weekend!!!

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  1. So pretty! So jealous you got to tour this beautiful home, but glad I got to live vicariously through your photos!


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