Thursday, April 25, 2013

high point: the adamsleigh estate part 1

I have tons to share with you from high point.  One of my favorite things was the Traditional Home and the Junior League of Greensboro's Showhouse...this was an out of the park show house, they not only included local designers from NC but also top national designers such as Miles Redd and Suzanne Kasler.  The house estate included 34 areas that were each designed by different designers.  

The Adamsleigh Estate was built by John Hampton "Hamp" Adams, co-founder of Adams-Millis Corporation, one of the first companies to be part of High Points flourishing textile industry.  He was born in SC in 1875 and later became a apprentice to Henry Millis, whom he later convinced to partner with him to start a hosiery business.  The success of his business led to this vast 15,000 sq ft estate build just at the end of the depression.  The estate was built on more than 13 acres which included tennis courts, a caretakers cottage, a pond, and two swimming pools.  Some of the amenities the estate included that were very unique and rare during the time was built are an air circulation system (this was before air conditioners!), intercoms, elevators, water fountains, and even a vacuum system.  Adams sudden death in 1935 led to the house being lived in by his daughter Elizabeth and her husband Allen Watkins for decades.  The house and surrounding property is now owned by heirs of Allen Watkins.  The house has been listed on the market since 2003 for $4M.  Which made me ask...10 years on the market?!  I was told their is about $1M in structural damage that needs to be addressed, plus bringing some areas up to date!  I say sell the house furnished with all of the work these amazing designers have done!

So there is the back lets get to the good stuff! Pictures...I am going to break this up into two posts as with 34 spaces and the over 150 pictures I took this could get lengthy...but its all so awesome I promise you want to see!

So lets tour the downstairs! (I know this isn't professional photography!  I had 1.5 hrs to get through the entire estate...I could have stayed all day if they let me!)

First the library by Ann Legette of Greensboro..bad pic but wanted to show the amazing ceiling!

The Living Room by Miles Redd..the blue trim was just amazing!

 The Sun Room by Bradshaw Orrell Interiors & Randy McManus Designs.. I love how the fish are swimming down the wall into the planter!

The orchids with branches were amazing...I need to recreate this somewhere!

The Sun Porch by Eric Cohler

One of the many long arched hallways!

The Breakfast Room by Madcap Cottage of Brooklyn, NY

The trim paint and details are original to the house!

Three story spiral staircase forged from a  single piece of wright iron... love the antelope carpet!

The Auto Court by Patti Allen & Stephanie James of Greensboro...because don't you have a courtyard where you keep your cars! 

The Dining Room by Jeffery Muse of the unexpected two round tables by Baker...with lazy susans!

The Kitchen & Side Porch by Leslie Moore of High Point.  I did not take very many pictures of the Kitchen b/c it still had all of the original dated sinks, all of their mint green glory!  The kitchen was actually 3 rooms, including one warming room where servants would do the final prep of food before serving it!  I did like how Moore used wall to wall jute rugs in the was unexpected to see carpet in a kitchen yet it totally worked!  The eat in kitchen the bench and ottomans instead of chairs!

The small room was one of my favorite in the the upholstery!

These images are dark I was a dark space...but cozy and rustic feeling.  The Prohibition Room (aka the basement) doesn't prohibition room sound so much cooler!  Everyone should start calling their basement that!  
By Patrick Lewis & Cindy Smith of Charlotte, NC

Hope you enjoyed...tomorrow is the upstairs with all of the amazing bedrooms and dressing rooms.  If you live anywhere even within a day trip drive of Greensboro go see this house...

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