Tuesday, April 2, 2013


I'm not sure who first coined the term 'glamping' but I'm pretty sure the first time I ever heard it was on a Real Housewives episode (yes I watch awful realty shows like the Housewives).  Since pretty much most of America is dying for some good weather a fresh air, along with it finally starting to get dark later (my absolute favorite thing in the world), wouldn't it be fun to take a small weekend trip to kick off spring!  I first game across luxury tents while doing research for a potential trip to Africa a few years ago and could not get over how amazing they are.  Many of the safari vacation locations take it to a whole new level with full on bathrooms and massive chandeliers all still inside a tent (were not talking a coleman here but still a canvas tent!?)....and this is definitely my idea of camping!  Outside yet not completely roughing it.

I wouldn't hate bringing along one of these either! (How cool could this be for tailgating too?!)

Some gear to get your glamp on!


  1. Ha! So my style of camping! Our neighbors always go and invite us every year, I sent them a link to a glamping resort one year! :)

  2. This would have to be how I go camping!! No shame, I'm also a fan of the Real Housewives ;)


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