Thursday, April 18, 2013

colorful kitchen cabinets

Lately I've been thinking of painting our lower kitchen cabinets.  While there are always the safe colors of various shades of gray or even navy I'm not ruling out other more bold colors.  I figure my kitchen is so small its not the end of the world if it does not work out...its just paint!

Here are some photos of colored cabinets that I like....

I realize the pink cabinets are a bathroom...but I really like the color!

I have loved these orange cabinets for a long time...they were actually part of one of my first blog posts!

Hard to go wrong with turquoise...its constantly a winner in home design.

So just for fun I played around a little in photoshop....Here is what our kitchen looks like now (well when I photographed worries no pumpkins in April!)

An now with some color...None of the colors are exactly the shade...they all came across super bright in photoshop so I just tried to get it as close as possible!)

Some turquoise and blues....

 Pinks & Corals

Or the safe


  1. Those kitchen cabinets are so cute! My wife wants to replace our kitchen cabinets and buy another new cabinets. I think these designs are perfect to our kitchen.

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