Wednesday, April 24, 2013

china, crystal, and silver...oh my!

I'm back!!! Sorry for being MIA for two days....but the good news is I'm back from market with lots of info, ideas, and all things pretty and up and coming for your home!  While I go through my 100s of pictures and notes I wanted to share one thing I did get the chance to do while in North Carolina.  Have you ever heard of or used Replacements, LTD?  They are your guy if you have an almost complete set of china or silver flatware, just need to replace a broken piece or want to buy a whole new set that no longer is in stores!  I have been on their site several times, but never thought much about it...just figured a small warehouse filling orders.  Not the case!  This is a company that started out of the owners garage and now is a state of the art facility that you can't miss when passing it along the highway.  Some of the pieces they come across they also choose not to sell and they are placed in the Replacements Museum.

Some images from my visit....

The last thing you expect to see as you enter a fine china, silver, museum, showroom?!

Behind the scenes where all of the internet and phone orders are packed.  Notice the super tall shelves all full of various dinnerware an flatware collections!  I also couldn't help but notice that everyone working there seemed to be so happy and enjoying what they were doing... Next is a photo of about one forth of the showroom/ museum area.  They did have some pieces on the floor for sale and an overstock area!  I could not believe some of the prices here!

The museum area featured so many things such as antique tea sets to pieces that were custom for various families way back in the day!  I couldn't get over this massive (about 3-4 ft) M.I. Hummel figurine....crazy!

Next was my favorite area...hallways displaying their most popular of the 390,000 patterns.

If you are ever in the Greensboro / High Point area I HIGHLY recommend visiting this awesome place.  

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