Wednesday, March 6, 2013

organizing pinterest

So when Pinterest started I have to admit as much as I loved it I never thought it would grow as much as it has.  So I made the mistake of sticking to the default boards you get when first signing up....which led my 'For The Home' board to become quite overwhelming with over 2k pins.  Who has time to look through that?!?!  Which led it to not be as "user friendly" as it could be...meaning when I'm looking for that picture of the cool rug in that bedroom I know I pinned months back it pretty much led to frustration!  I have wanted to reorganize for quite some time....yet I knew this would be quite the time consuming task!  So a few weeks ago I started and little by little have gotten my boards in order...along with deleted some "what was I thinking" pins!

A little advice:  If you have found yourself in the same situation and want to do some editing to your boards your best friend will be an ipad.  The updated Pinterest app allows you to move pins to new boards with far less steps and clicks...such the time saver!

My new and improved Pinterest!

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