Wednesday, March 6, 2013

high point market 2013 & tobi fairley camp

Next month I will be attending my first High Point Market.  I am beyond excited and a little intimidated all that the same time!  I keep reading to make sure you have a "plan" yet, its hard to make a plan for something you have never been to!

Have you ever been or even better are you going?!
If you've been what has been you most successful way of "tackling" market?
Do you know any designers or bloggers going?
Any advice for a first timer?
What things do I need to bring? (How many business cards? Any other business related things besides EIN and resale ids?)
For non-designers any items or brands you've seen in magazines, etc. that you're just dying over?
Any and all info/advice welcome!

One more thing!:
If you are a designer would you be interested in pairing up for Tobi Fairley's "bring a friend for free" offer for her Journey to Getting Published Camp?!
More info here.
If so, contact me ASAP! 


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