Friday, March 22, 2013


So today I wanted to share something with you that is not home or fashion related...(well I guess it could relate as who doesn't want to look and feel good in their home and clothes!?)  For those of you I do not know personally I am the oldest of 3 kids...I have a brother and sister that are two years younger than me (yes...they are twins!) and my sister actually has a blog too!  Hers is about nutrition and having a healthy lifestyle.  She was on track for dental school and realized her true passion was now she is going back to school (and is almost done...yay!) to have a degree in nutrition.  My parents have always stressed to us to do something you love.  And, I must say...the girl knows what she is talking about.  Since going back to school she has had the fun experience of moving back in with the rents!  While living at home she has helped my dad create a healthy plan that works for him and he has lost 100 lbs!!!!!!  Crazy right?!  She is also currently working with kids with autism on how changing parts of their diet can help minimize their symptoms.  I must say I am a proud big sister! (Of both her and my brother!)

Here are a few images from her blog that I love...but go check it out for yourself as she has some very useful information!  I am CONSTANTLY begging her to come live with me to help me out with this b/c I have the worst sweet tooth...EVER!

Her blog:  Stay Healthy with Samantha

I need to plaster this to my bathroom mirror!...and fridge...and steering wheel?!

A picture of her(and my parents) fridge!  This is not a joke...every time I go home this is what it looks like...and I'm like "where's the diet sunkist?!"  

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  1. Thank you for the loving support Mallory! I am so blessed to have you as a sister! Keep up the amazing work with your blog...I am obsessed with it! Love you!


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