Thursday, March 28, 2013

happy chic by jonathan adler @ jcp

We have all seen how successful Nate Berkus has been with bringing his line to Target, which has led to him leaving HSN.  Now we get to see Jonathan Adler do the same thing with his Happy Chic line, which is debuting at JCPenney within the next 2 weeks!!!!  I think anytime you have the option to see items in person it makes brands that much more successful.

First we need to have a little full disclosure/ more about me moment!  Before I started this journey of my own interior design business I was actually a manager for JCP for 4 years.  It was my first "real" job out of college and I learned so much (but thats for another day).  However, this post is completely from me and no one has asked for me to promote this!  I just love anytime you can find design on a budget and JCP is definitely a great source for this!  Just want to keep it all open and honest!

JCP is on its way to full on shop within a shop concept...meaning brands will have their own "shops" within the store.  This includes full on renovations and I have to say the "end result" pictures looked pretty freaking awesome!  So I am excited to see it all come together.  All of this helps to explain the launch of Happy Chic by Jonathan Adler...this is part of the first home shops within a shop!  Others include Michael Graves, Martha Stewart, and Conran!!!

Here is a video with a little more of what to expect...

A now a few lot of my favorites...I could have kept have to realize how bad this is for my greek key and lacquer addiction!!! (this makes me miss the discount!) I actually ended up using a few of the pieces in my last project and can't wait to show the reveal!!!

Check out the entire collection here!!!


  1. I am SO excited about this! Thanks for the heads up. We have a jonathan adler store in Georgetown, DC, but it's a bit pricey :) Can't wait for the JCP line.

  2. I will be the first to say that I am loving the direction JCP is going with their marketing! All of the plans, designs, collaborations, and advertising they have been putting out has been trendy, modern, and affordable! I can't wait to see the collection in person!


  3. So many beautiful things! JCP is really changing their brand.

    Ali of


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