Tuesday, March 26, 2013

grown up eggs

The only holiday I decorate for is Christmas.  I feel like most of the time people that decorate for holidays like Valentine's Day, Easter, ect. have kids or grandkids!  However Pinterest has changed things up a bit....after seeing some of these eggs it makes me want to bring out my inner kid and start dying and decorating!

Watercolor eggs... Love these colors

Modern/Graphic eggs: These would be so easy with a sharpie!

Pantone eggs?!?! Genius!

Gold leafed eggs!  This one I may give a try...the color options with gold are endless!!  Emerald and gold..black, white & gold?

Embroidery Eggs:  These are for someone with far more patience than me but they are sooo pretty!

New York Subway eggs!  Could also do other cities rail lines!  Paris Metro?!

I LOVE these!  They remind me of a DIY I hope to share soon!  Also super easy b/c those are just rhinestone stickers!

Ukrainian Eggs...these have so much detail!

Ombre glitter eggs!  Another one that you don't have to worry about being detail oriented!

All links found here!!!

Put a grouping of any of these in an apothecary jar and you have an Easter decoration that doesn't look like your grandmothers house!

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  1. I love those watercolory looking ones in the top image and the ones with gold. Fantastic!



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