Thursday, March 7, 2013

furnishly...have you heard?!

Have you heard of  The site like Craigslist that is only furniture and home decor!  Even better is the layout...which is all photos, similar to a Pinterest format.  It is a fairly new site so it is currently only in larger cities (unfortunately Nashville is not one of them), but this is definitely an awesome concept and I cant wait for the day that we are one of the cities.  Go check it may be one of the cities it has started in!  Here are some of the things I found from other places.  Keep in mind some need to be refinished or recovered...but that is also the fun part!

This campaign chest looks to be in perfect condition.  A dining table & 6 chairs for $75 is insane...they would be so fun to lacquer!

 This set of 4 chairs could be reupholstered into something amazing.
 These faux bamboo nesting tables would be mine if I was within an hour drive of Chicago!
Chaing Mai pillows for 50?!?!?!  There are actually a few cities from Canada that are part of Furnishly too!

Go check it out....
And see if you are one of the lucky cities that is already participating.


  1. Love that you included Richmond in your little rounded. Don't love that Richmond CL never has anything listed for a deal. Ladies like their antiques here I guess and aren't willing to part with anything for cheap

  2. Oh man....on my way over, I'm having heart palpitations just thinking about the possibilities.


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