Wednesday, February 6, 2013

valentine's gift guide for her

With heart day only a week away here's a little guide for her.  

one: These art deco inspired earring are so fun! I want them bad.
two:  Jo Malone bath oil..who doesn't want to relax in something yummy smelling.
three:  Kate Spade's new book Things We Love...just a fun girly read
four:  Cartier's Love Bracelet...yes its pricey but its so pretty!
five: a way to have the scent of roses way longer than the real ones will last!
six:  Gigi's cupcakes.  Yes I'm partial b/c it started in Nashville...but they are so yummy.
seven: a giant heart full of pretty undies.  Perfect for the college girl that rather own 100 pairs instead of doing laundry!
eight:  Since I'm tall I love a good flat...I'm kind of dying over these shoes and need to find a way to bring them home to my closet asap.
nine:  Valentines day is a day for indulging...what better way than fondue...yum!
ten:  I know this blanket is getting repetitive with my gift guides but I love it that much.
eleven:  A fun sweater for the day at a super reasonable price.

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