Friday, February 1, 2013

the easiest diy ever

If you follow my Instagram (follow me here!) you saw that last weekend my insomnia lead to me completing a few random projects around the house.

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Finally added the trim to my living room drapes that I talked about here.
Framed the agate coasters that I mentioned here.
And made some cool magnets.

I thought I would share one that is literally such an easy DIY that I almost hate to even call it one!  The gemstone magnets.  I have seen these in various stores and on design websites for ridiculous amounts of money, when you can make them so easily.

What you need:
gemstones or agate slices of your choice (you can find these easily online..etsy, ebay, ect.)
e-6000 glue
magnets (make sure they are strong enough to hold the weight of the rocks!)

Apply an large dot of glue to the negative side of the magnet and place the rock on top.
Let dry over night.
voila! (told you it was easy!)

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Also for the agate coasters I just used these frames from West Elm.  Because of the pressure from the glass and frame back I did not even need to glue them to anything...they just stay in place.  Which is great in case I change my mind on them down the road.  Also I discovered that with West Elms gallery frames each one comes with mounting pattern sheets...pure genius...if only every frame ever came with these it would make life easier!

I used the coaster since they are small and fit the area I was wanting to use them.  However, in a future home I plan to use trivets and a shadow box like Erica Cook over at Moth Design did. (here is her DIY).  Her blog is hands down one of my favorites...her style(home & fashion) is amazing..and as a mom to 5 boys I don't see how she does it..but its pretty inspiring!  So be sure to check it out.

Happy Weekend Everyone!!!

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