Wednesday, February 6, 2013

the art of a single stripe

Stripes is hands down one of the best patterns. It doesn't go out of style by next year. It adds drama yet still can be so sophisticated. I talking evenly spaced, straight stripes here. I know some still love chevron but I am beyond over it and feel like its ship has sailed! Lets just go ahead and put it in the vault for a future generation to bring back. Ya with me?! I know it is still fun to do something a little different that then norm with stripes but that gets me to my latest obsession. I know its been around but my love has grown stronger to the point that I'm constantly looking at my furniture thinking that would be so much cooler with a SINGLE STRIPE.

The coolness of a single stripe has been on my mind more lately since I am implementing single stripe bedding in a project I am currently working on after seeing this picture.  Such a cool idea!

 Its so simple and impactful all in one! What are your thoughts?! Because I'm thinking its only a matter of (little)time before I bite the bullet and do it on some of my own furniture?!

You can even just paint one on a wall.  I know the top one is technically 2 stripes..but its one for each I'm going with it.  I really like how it works in this space.

1 comment:

  1. Love stripes. I have done quite a bit of upholstery, and working with stripes is hard. It really makes you appreciate how beautiful these pieces are.


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