Wednesday, February 20, 2013

spring fever & cleaning

 Lately I have had the worse case of spring fever, with random sunny and somewhat warm days here and there, it makes the cold ones even more unbearable.  I am ready for time outside and open windows to let some fresh air in!

Can we talk about this outdoor kitchen?! love!

With that has also come a random urge to start spring cleaning...I say this like I do it every year...which I don't (I just like to think I'm that on top of things!).

This brings me to another cleaning.  Yes I love a clean house, it makes me happier and I feel like it makes me less stressed in other parts of life.  However, I hate cleaning, minus the few times a year I get in "cleaning moods" and get really into it.  This isn't that often though.  So I've tried time and time to figure out the balance of where your house is clean yet not an overwhelming check on the to do list.  I feel like my mom always made it look so easy and effortless...I am now learning its not so much the case.

We did try a maid for a few months, yet I could never get her to do the things "the way I wanted them done," which led to me cleaning after she left...kind of defeated the purpose!

Kids are also not in the none of these little helpers! (This is awful yet hilarious to me!...Maybe this is how some women "do it all?")

But I recently discovered a cleaning blog, CleanMama, and I think she's onto something.  A little bit everyday.  She also has tons of free printables (I love a good checklist) and ideas to make things easier and more time efficient to accomplish.  I am currently going through her '31 days to clean' list as well as working to implement and create the habit of the weekly cleaning schedule.  I have loved it so far b/c you don't spend that much time all at once cleaning...which is awesome for this ADD girl!  I did purchase her e-book, which is only $10.  I like it because of the printable it includes, plus its an easy and quick read with really helpful information.  You can still get all the needed info from her blog though!

Thought I would share as it took me a while to find something like this and maybe one of you is looking for something similar!

So do you clean all at once or break it up over a few days?  Do you get overwhelmed of living up to "doing it all?"

Happy Wednesday!!!!

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