Tuesday, February 19, 2013

fiddle leaf figs

It's nothing new that the Fiddle Leaf Fig is pretty much the house plant (or tree) of the moment.  I have wanted one for a long time, yet the giant trees just won't fit anywhere in my house so I was super pumped to find a baby one this past week and snatched him up!  Now lets just pray I keep it alive!  (Any care and maintenance tips appreciated!)

I really like them b/c its a way to bring something natural into a space, which I always try to do weather it be with a from of stone or branches, I think it just adds another layer and warmth.  I also like that they don't look like your typical office style office plants...you know...when the thing was to have them in baskets on the tops of cabinets with the ivy (or whatever it was) hanging down?!  (We definitely had them in my house growing up!!!)

How cool are these!  I think its so fun how they are growing...yet it also makes me feel bad for the tree...they obviously want some sun!

This pair, in Jonathan Adler's dining room, stole my heart!  Loving the giant orange planters.  The ceiling is also off the chain.

And then here's my little guy...lets hope he makes it!! (follow my Instagram here)


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