Tuesday, February 5, 2013

bring on the shine: lacquered walls

Lacquered walls have definitely become quite a trend.  I feel like they are something that most people would consider a risk...but the good thing about this risk...its just paint!!!  I pretty much am in love with this and wish I had a space to incorporate it into my own home.  It seems to just add a depth, richness, and glam factor to a room instantly.  Unfortunately our home is older and so the walls are not perfectly smooth..so everything here is flat paint.

Even though this is a painting 101 tip....if you have any imperfections on your walls always go with the flattest paint possible and it disguises them much more. If you are worried about scrubability I would recommend Benjamin Moore's Aura line.  Its amazing and in the future I will dish out a couple extra dollars for its performance.  But if you have super smooth walls...you should jump on the lacquer wall bandwagon...because its totally amazing!  It looks so luxurious but is also perfect for a kid space b/c how easy would this be to clean?!  I wonder if crayon marks could even stick to that much gloss?!

I love the white hallway...what could easily be a boring white hallways immediately turns chic with ultra sheen!


To take it one step farther...guild your ceiling!

What are your thoughts?! What color would you choose?!

1 comment:

  1. Love them, and you are so right. They will show every imperfection in your walls.


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