Monday, February 18, 2013

artist spotlight: michelle armas

Michelle Armas is hands down one of my favorite artists.  She is based out of Atlanta, GA and her pieces can work in pretty much any space.  They have the ability to just pull a room together.  I have been watching her work for years.  Her originals are definitely budget friendly when you're talking original art.  However if you're still not in the market to spend $1k-$2k on art you're in luck.  This past year she started selling canvas prints for much less (prices vary by the type of print and size).  And she recently added a selection of small prints for only $35!  The sizes of these prints are usually about a 13.5" square.  While this seems a bit small, you could do a grouping of several or, even better do a large gallery mat!

What do you think?  I just love everything she does!  I love the thought of using one in a nursery, especially a brightly colored one!  Here are a few of my favorites...but she has lots more!  Check them all out here!!

See how I styled this one below!

I actually have the 'Antonia' print on one of my stair landings!  It really makes me happy every time i see it!  All the fun colors!

And a room I styled with one of her pieces!

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  1. I am SO obsessed with her too! Check out my Pinterest! I love abstract and impressionism! Also, check out Lindsay Cowles work. She is an amazing abstract artist in Richmond. Love your blog Mal! I read it daily!!!


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