Monday, January 21, 2013

update: guest room

Thank you everyone that entered the e-design giveaway.  After completing the drawing via I am pleased to announce the winner is...

Congrats Amanda!  I will be contacting you soon via email to start working on your e-design!  

So here is an update on our guest room, I'm saying update instead of before and after because I know I still want to do doesn't feel exactly how I want, yet it still had come a long way so I wanted to share.

First for some 'before's'.. a sexy laminate landing as you entered the bedroom...I guess they wanted it to feel like you were walking into a rental apartment?!  All wiring was in conduit on the OUTSIDE of the walls...this was completely new to me!  Finish that off with gross carpet and the dreaded chunky popcorn ceilings...makes for a pretty bad room to say the least.

I also wanted to share some photos with the previous owners stuff...A good example of how scale is a BIG factor with interior design.  This is also almost always the first thing I have to explain to clients after looking over their list of things they want to include.  Placing massive furniture in a small room can become a hot mess quick..just as small furniture in a super large room can too!

I also wanted to include 1 pic of these pink drapes.  For those of you I stalked on Facebook a while back about the Dwell Studio Dwell Over contest I won...this was one of the things I included on the design plan that I won.  I have since relocated them to the master bedroom...more on that to come later!

Some shots during.... Carpet and laminate landing came out.  All electrical put into the walls.  Popcorn ceilings scraped smooth.  New paint.  New Hardwood flooring!

Now for the fun part!! Here is how the room currently looks...

 The closet doors were replaced and painted the same dark gray as the rest of the doors in the house.
The bedside table were my grandmothers that were refinished in black and brass hardware.
The room also doubles as an office space.

Hope you enjoy!


  1. Mallory you are so talented!!! Love reading your blog :-)

  2. Great room! Where did you find that beautiful desk?

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