Thursday, January 17, 2013

spring fever

Sorry for the late post..I had everything ready to publish and realized I didn't save it right and had to start over..I wanted to cry...but here ya go...enjoy!

So lately I have really been missing warm weather and sunshine.  It has pretty much been depressing, rainy, gloomy weather here for quite a while.  I still have so many before and afters to show you but I'm waiting for sunshine and natural light to take pics.  You may remember how I posted about how Emerald is this years color of the year.  However there are many more colors along with it which complete the Pantone Spring 2013 Collection.

Emerald: lamp / pillow / clock
Dusk Blue:  mirror / x-bench / rug
Tender Shoots:  sofa / sconce / coffee table
Grayed Jade:  foo dogs / pillow / garden stool
Lemon Zest:  lamp / pillow / coat rack
African Violet:  rug / chair / taxidermy
Linen:  ottoman / chandelier / chest
Monaco Blue:  dinnerware / chair / rug
Poppy Red: paper tray / bed / chair
Nectarine: light fixture / mirror / cubes

Only 2 days left...don't forget to enter for a free e-design here!

1 comment:

  1. You know I love that tangerine light fixture! I pretty much love at least 2 things in every color group!


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