Friday, January 25, 2013

rain rain go away!

So we've had a small tease, for like 3 days, of sunshine...and the rain is back.  blah.  Along with the freezing cold it makes me want to curl up, drink hot chocolate wine, and watch movies all day...but since that's not an option!  I have realized my rain gear is kind of non existent.  I have one trench and my super cool, baby blue, North face rain jacket from college.  Not so chic for your post college 20s!  So I've put together two looks I wish were part of my wardrobe....I almost bought the anorak the other day, and of course I'm already regretting that its raining and could be of use!

outfit one: jacket, umbrella, boots
outfit two: jacket, umbrella, boots

Hope your weekend is not so wet and cold...or is at least pretty snow instead of rain!!


  1. I have pink and black hunters and they've been my staple for years on rainy days! Love that scalamandre umbrella!!!

  2. Still stalking our anorak online, we will prevail!!

  3. I love outfit number 2!! Such a girly and classic rainy day look xo


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