Wednesday, January 23, 2013

love is in the air

My obsession for giant balloons really took place the first time I saw the famous Dior ads.

They are a simple thing that can make such a large impact.  They just up the chic factor instantly, no?

Then I discovered Geronimo Balloon Troopers, and it was over...this is full on love now.  Giant balloons WITH tassel garland greatness...these would make anyone's saddest day bright.  

So I immediately went to check out the ordering process!  How fun would these be for Valentine's Day or a birthday?!?!  I was then shocked...$150 for ONE balloon!?!?!  What the heck...are they stuff with something awesome that you pop and get?!?!  So needless to say I am already currently working on a much cheaper DIY version...and will be sure to post in time for Valentine's Day!

On a side note...have you seen the story about this couple?!  It will bring you to tears...a great story of true love just in time for heart day!  Get the full story here.

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