Friday, January 4, 2013

inside kellie pickler's tour bus

While working with a contractor recently in Nashville, I was having to work around his schedule with what he kept saying he was working a "tour bus."  I assumed this mean he was a driver or something as an extra never know! But come to find out he meant he was renovating one.  I don't know why...but renovating a tour bus was something I had never given much thought to.  With all the Country music stars here though this is quite a normal thing in Nashville.  So of course that led me to searching the Internet and I have to say the one I was impressed with the most was Kellie Pickler.  If that is what "living on the road" looks like then count me in any day.

The living area.  I love how she used light and airy neutral colors.  Doesn't seem like a bus at all eh?

An ice machine was installed that makes Sonic ice...(where she worked before idol)

The bedroom cozy.

The bathroom area seriously amazes me.

And last but certainly not least....a built in, tired, lit shoe wall....yes please!

all images via GAC

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  1. Wait so who sleeps in the bathroom? Does she have to walk by the person sleeping in the bathroom to use it?


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