Monday, January 28, 2013

im in awe: isabella rose taylor

So one of my favorite things is when I find a new artist..especially a really good abstract one.  Well this weekend I came across an artist that simply left me in awe..speechless...just wait....

 is where you will become speechless too....The artist of all of these amazing ELEVEN years old.  Can you believe it?!  What were you doing at 11?  I was worried about having the coolest troll, or new sweatshirt from the limited too!  

She lives in Austin, TX.  However her art is available at Kristy Stubbs Gallery in Dallas, TX.
And being an awesome artist after school isn't all.  This past year she created and launched her own fashion line for tweens.  I'm not talking Justice here but Barney's worthy design.  How cool is this kid?! Her parents need to write a parenting book...I would definitely buy it.

Go check her out...

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