Tuesday, January 29, 2013

hollywood regency awesomeness in la

If I had to pick Hollywood Regency would definitely be my favorite design style.  Anytime I see a room completely in this style I just picture ladies in hostess gowns (get your own here!), with every hair perfectly in place, newly manicured nails sipping martinis.  Maybe listening to some Frank Sinatra too!  When I saw the Mr. C Hotel, in Hollywood, recently on Jetsetter I knew this is a place I HAVE to visit...and maybe load my car up with their furniture?!?!  Plus some west coast sun sounds amazing with all the cold rain lately.  The hotel was founded by two brothers that are part of the famous Cipriani group.  They are only 22 and 23...but obviously with great taste.

Isn't the furniture just to die for?!

If you wish for a more masculine room...

I love how they use old black and white photos for art.  Its how you picture Hollywood should be!

I could live by this pool...sign me up for one cabana please!

The two founding brothers.  Don't you just picture them being BFFs with Scott Disick?

And while you're in LA I would definitely have to check out Sprinkles Cupcakes ATM machine...pretty genius?!

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