Wednesday, January 2, 2013

before and after: powder room

Our powder rooms was one of my favorite and most hated room to do.  I love it because it ended up coming together just how I envisioned without making any changes along the way.  Yet the hate part came in with the stencil project I decided to do on the walls.  This was one of the first projects I started and was super budget conscious at the time due to the long list of "to-do"s to the in change everything!  I knew I loved Kelly Wearstlers Imperial Trellis wall paper, yet knew it would cost an arm and a leg to complete the room.  So I started searching and came across this how to for doing a stencil version.  The directions are great and the end result I love, yet I must say if I had to do it over again I would definitely just splurge for the wallpaper and an this process involved a lot of back ache, cuss words, and thinking I should just give up and paint over this.

These are the before pictures I have.  One while the previous owners were still there and the other from the day I closed on the house.  I thought both show the true "greatness" of this orange in different lighting!

A during shot... After everything came out in went hardwood floors and the painting started.... this was when I considered doing only this one it took a full day to do, but I kept on and finished the room.

First in came a new toilet and vanity with honed marble counters.

 Then Candace Olson Margo Sconces and a mirror I found at Ikea that was originally wood and I silver leafed the frame.

The sea fan art was the DIY I blogged about with instructions here.


  1. You're amazing! I admire your commitment, I would have stopped after the "trace this pattern to make a stencil".

  2. I just stumbled across this while looking for an update for our powder room. This is exactly what I was thinking! What paint colors did you use?


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