Tuesday, January 15, 2013

architectural digest comes to nashville

While we are in no rush to move, we have started looking, just to keep an eye out in case the "dream house" pops up.  I have realized this is pretty much like finding a needle in a haystack!  While I appreciate super traditional design, it is not exactly for me personally.  Think super dark over the top molding in the kitchen, and lots of oil rubbed bronze!  If that's your style then Nashville is definitely the place for you because its everywhere...especially in the "borough" we are interested in.  My main concern is I do not want to buy a home that someone has put tons of money into with finishes I don't love.  So therefore we end up paying lots up front and then more to change it!  My number one response to most of the houses we have seen is "its too oil rubbed bronze for me," which then leads to him looking at me confused! haha...I'm sure some of you get what I'm talking about!  Guys can sometimes be design illiterate...he sees a wet bar and space that can be a man cave and is sold...who cares what the rest of the house is like!

Ok..so getting to the point...I basically fell out of my chair when looking through this months Architectural Digest.  The amazing home featured on the cover is in Nashville!!!!!!...and in the same borough!!!!!  There is hope!  So check out this amazing home I have to share...if only it were for sale and like 1/8th of the size so that it would maybe be in our price range....

Isn't it just love at first sight?  Those windows...I die!

The home is owned by Jennifer and Billy Frist (aka Frist Center for the Visual Arts) so its no surprise they also have amazing art.  And check out that show stopper chandelier!

If this was my bathroom I would take hour long showers 3 times a day!

The bedroom feels like a hotel.  I love how they used a very cool and soft colors here.  I just imagine feeling so relaxed in this space during those 100+ summer days.

And a pretty couple to go inside...its like a real life Barbie Dream Home 2013 edition!

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  1. You are so right! My sister and her husband just bought a house in Nashville that totally fits that description as did everything they looked at. Not exactly their style but they're making it work. Also odd is the prevalence of the entry room! Such a great big space but kind of random because really it's just your entry! Can't wait to see where y'all end up!


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