Thursday, December 27, 2012

it's all greek to me

Greek Key has become a staple in interiors.  You can't look through a magazine without it being represented somewhere.  I have to admit, I can't get enough though!  It's so hollywood regency, can add a graphic touch in a modern or traditional way.  Its versatility makes it easy to incorporate it into pretty much any room or design style.

Go Greek!!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

home tour: gulianna and bill

I hope everyone had an awesome Christmas!  We sure did, although I'm ready to get back into a routine that does not include continuous eating!  Was Santa good to you?  My biggest Chrstimas surprise was finding out I'm going to Italy!  I also received many of the things I have blogged about.  A sign that my fam is actually reading! ha!


So I am a sucker for reality tv.  Gulianna and Bill is one on the list that I watch and I have been waiting to see the end result of the house they have been working on in LA with designer Lonni Paul, from Design Star.  The pics do not disappoint, so I thought I would share.  

Living room.

Dining room.  The chairs are on wheels to make it easier to get in and out at the table.

Family room.


Bedrooms. (w/ Jonathan Adler monogram pillows!)

Master bath.  Love the ottoman and tub.

Gulianna's closet...jealous!

Baby Dukes Nursery...I'm obsessed with that crib!

Outdoor space...the furniture is amazing!

Friday, December 21, 2012

merry christmas

I'm signing off until Wednesday!  Were headed back to SC for my first holiday home in 3 years!  This is when no longer being in retail is really sinking in and I'm planning to enjoy every minute of the next few days with family and friends.  Safe travels to everyone and a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

black, white, & gold

 I have realized I have a slight addiction for all things black, white, and gold.  My home, wardrobe, Christmas list, and Instagram shows pretty good supporting evidence. (yes I just used legal jargon...but I live with a lawyer..what do you expect!)  So many magazine interiors use this color scheme.  I love it because it is timeless and can cover any design style from modern to traditional.  It pretty much works with any accent color you want to throw into the mix as well.  It definitely makes me think of the Kardashian's homes, yet I would probably give up first born to have Kourtney K's abode.  

Here is also the DIY art in the above left picture.

There are so many gorgeous spaces using black, white, and gold that it was pretty hard to not post 100s of pictures on here.  

This bathroom would make me happy on a daily basis...those gold garden words!

The color scheme also works well for entertaining.. this photo is for all of my newlywed, Annie Glass owning friends!

Even works for babies!  How glam is a gold crib?!

I feel like I'm constantly preaching black walls to is why...

For your own home...

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