Thursday, December 6, 2012

source spotlight: circa who

One of my favorite things is searching thrift stores, flea markets, craigslist, etc. for cool furniture that can be refinished (or left as is).  I think it allows you to have more unique pieces and most of the time great quality furniture at much lower prices.  This past time I was in Miami working on the project down there I realized that Miami has the BEST thrift stores.  If I lived there I would probably have furniture overload, as every store had amazing finds.  Circa Who is a source I discovered out of West Palm Beach that carries tons of these finds that I'm talking about...and they will ship them to you!  I know when most people think of shipping furniture they see visions of $$ signs in their heads, but no worries Circa Who uses Grey Hound shipping which makes the prices way lower than you would think!  By the way...Did you know you can ship things via Grey Hound Bus?!  Its pretty amazing.  You can go to their website plug in the starting and ending locations, size of your object, and est. weight to receive a quote.  The prices really will shock you!  Just some info to keep in your back pocket in case you are ever traveling and find something you can't live without!

Isn't the store front so fun?!

Ok here are some of my favorites from the site right now.  Check out their website here, which is updated as new items come in.  I will warn you it will be addicting and make you want to refinish something or grab a can of paint!

Milo Baughman desk..pretty amazing

Almost all of these pieces would be amazing in any color lacquer.

These would be great in so many room, dining room, kids room?!

If I had a place for this it would be mine!

This one is hands down my favorite.  You would not need to do a thing to it!  Such a showstopper.

Pretty amazing isn't it?!

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  1. Oh my goodness. What amazing finds. Seriously in awe!


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