Tuesday, December 11, 2012

holiday gift guide 2012: my wish list

So here is my Christmas wish list.  As I put it together I realized I have quite a gold obsession... So here you go mom, dad, Richard, whoever else would like to send me a gift (jk)!!!

one:  I know I have a gazillion trays but I really like this one too!!

two: These napkins are so fun and would go great on our bar cart.

three:  I have loved this print since I the first time I saw it and think it would be fun to hang in my closet.

four:  These coasters I would actually frame!  So pretty!

five: This necklace I have debated buying several times and always think I do not need to spend the money on myself.

six:  Some faux emerald studs like these...since it is the new color to have!

seven: I am in love with these...leggings that are more like pants instead of tights. 

eight:  We have a weird space under the window in our living room that I constantly stare at thinking what should I do?  I have decided a pair of ottomans is the way to go, and these would be great! (and extra seating for our small space!)

nine:  I know I have shown this flatware a million times but I think it would look amazing with my current table setting (see it on my instagram)

Ok. So I actually put my Christmas list together the night before the $550 million lottery jackpot so a few of the items I had were "if we win the lottery" picks but I am now calling them "they say the world is ending so why don't you just splurge"

one:  This blanket has been on my want list for a REALLY long time.  I know its crazy but I still want it sooo bad!

two:  I have never been much of an expensive shoe person, which is odd b/c I justify handbags and other accessories with the fact that you can use them a lot more than clothing and if you lose or gain weight they still fit.  Then there is always the "they are an investment" or "I can pass them on to my daughter one day" speeches I have given on more than one occasion.  So I feel its time to jump on the shoe bandwagon.  I feel like I know my style pretty well to know these will last a long time!

three:  This bracelet is one of those "i can pass down to my daughter" pieces.  A great timeless, classic, everyday piece.

four:  A year long trip around the world in a jet similar to this....


  1. Add a Cartier Love Bracelet to that in rose gold and call your list perfect!

    Love the blog Mal!


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