Friday, December 7, 2012

holiday gift guide 2012: for the home

So this gift guide was the hardest for me to put together.  With interior design being my passion and what I do I see new and awesome things for the home on a daily basis so narrowing it down to a gift guide was challenging...I could go on for days with cool stuff for your (and my) home.  I decided to narrow it down to the things I truly love.  Most of these items I already own or they have been on my wish list for a while.  Hopefully you will find a great gift for your home or someone on your list!

one:  The Architect series Kitchenaid Stand Mixer.  Most people I know who own one (including myself) have said before they thought this was a pricey appliance that was no necessary if you have a hand mixer, yet after using one they get the hype.  They truly cut your prep time in half when making things, allow you to multi task, and in my opinion is a much easier clean up.

two:  American Fashion Design at Home is a great book that and (home or fashion) design lover should have in their book collection.

three:  This cookie jar makes me laugh so much.  I don't know about you but in my house I sometimes have to hide the "good snacks" or they will all magically disappear within one afternoon.  I doubt anyone would think to go looking in a jar that's labeled 'peroxide'..check the site out as there are many other jars with just as quirky labels.

four: Because your tape dispenser can be stylish too...its all in the details!

five:  Fun coasters that read 'make it a double', 'on the rocks', 'with a twist', and 'bottoms up.'

six:  A much prettier way to keep your matches made from a reclaimed apothecary jar that is scored on the bottom for you to strike a match!

seven:  I know this flatware has made its ways round and round the blog world but gold flatware is all the rage and so much fun!  This is on my list!

eight:  I believe you can never have too many trays.  They easily make an area that collects lots of small objects seem more organized and on purpose.  This tray is a great buy from the Nate Berkus for Target line.

nine:  Michelle Armas is hands down my favorite artist, there is not much she does that I am not in love with.  The Anotonia print I have in my house and it makes me smile every time I see it.  With so many bright colors this painting can work in just about any space.

ten:  One of the most classic candles in an extra large indoor/ outdoor form!  A candle this big would last a long time!

eleven:  THE blanket.  I know some people think its price is insane(as do I), yet that doesn't keep me from wanting it so bad!  This is the top of my "if we win the lottery" Christmas list.  Every interior I see it in looks amazing, and the blanket is the common denominator, so it needs to be added to my space, right?!

twelve:  These glasses are so fun and stylish and such a steal for the price.

thirteen:  Add some luck to your home with a giant gold wishbone.  Would be so pretty atop a stack of books. (also comes in silver)

fourteen:  I recently purchased this pillow and love it! It since has gone on sale (sad for me..good for you!) 

fifteen:  This tray was my favorite piece from the NM Target line.  It is super heavy and high end in person.  Its large size makes it great as an ottoman tray!

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