Monday, December 3, 2012


This past week has really brought me into the Christmas spirit.  Our tree is up, my mom and sister came into town this weekend for the Rockettes show, along with all the girls from the bf's fam.  The Neiman Marcus for Target line I blogged about here came out and I was one of the first in line Saturday morning.  However was a little shocked that it wasn't quite the Missoni frenzy I expected.  Although I will say when new lines are coming out I always go to a Target in the suburbs of Nashville where I feel the demographics aren't as apt to jump at the thought of designer goods at Target prices.

 Here is what I picked up...

All found here.

The Altuzurra line was hands down my favorite.  It all is really good quality which justifies the prices which are still a little steep for Target, but in comparison to NM...its like pennies!  That's what I'm telling myself!  I will also say that this may be a weird detail to some but I do like how the Target logo was not added to every item, even though the whole world knows its from Target, I think it makes it feel more like the real deal.  If you follow me on Instagram you have already seen where I've put them to use in the house!

So did you make it out to check out the NM Target line?  What did you think?  What goodies did you bring home!?

This week the electrician comes to install several new light fixtures including the lovelies below in the powder room...Then the bathrooms will be complete for me to show you some before and afters! yay!  I also am waiting on the fabric swatch to come in of this awesome new DwellStudio fabric to possibly update the shower curtain in our guest bath


  1. Love the tray - looks really high-end.

  2. oooh, I would love to see a shower curtain in the dwell studio malachite line!


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