Wednesday, December 5, 2012

easy diy art

I thought I would share a small update I made recently to our master bedroom.  I knew I wanted a set of prints/ art for above the bedside tables but could never find anything I was completely in love with that didn't cost a small fortune.  So in came a little DIY...

I picked up these frames from HomeGoods for only $15 each.  I liked that they were double matted and they were a perfect size for the wall space.  However the graphic mat was a little juvenile and reminded me so much of my freshman dorm room!  So I simply took the mats apart and spray painted the smaller mat gold.

And because I usually get emails asking this kind of question...this is the gold spray paint I used.  I almost always use Krylon spray paint when using metallics.  Its a little more expensive, yet has a much better finish that is closer in color to real metal.

I then headed to Paper-Source to see what I could find.  I was super excited to find the black and gold marble paper for only $2/each .  I have seen where people have framed the multi colored marble paper yet I needed something a little more neutral as I already have pink and navy going on in this room!  The best part is the paper is hand made so there are no two sheets exactly alike (original art?!).  

The sheets came in 12 x 12 (it also comes in larger sizes..just fyi) and my frame openings were 5 x 7 so two sheets would have completed all four frames but I went ahead and brought home 3 so that I had extra for any mess ups and to find the perfect patterns I wanted to be framed.  

Here is how they turned out!  Not too bad for less than $75 for all 4!

The lamps I'm not in love with but they work for now.  The bedside tables are besta units from Ikea that I added this hardware to.  

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