Wednesday, November 14, 2012

the power of purple

Has anyone else noticed purple a lot lately?  I can't help but notice the regal color pretty much everywhere...especially in interiors.  The power of....

Love the purple walls with peacock sounds daring yet totally works.  For a more subtle option paint a door the arch!

 Purple kitchen cabinets! I wish I was this daring.

Purple walls make you nervous?  Furniture can still have a big impact.

Purple grass cloth! Yes please!

One of my favorite purple spaces!
The light fixture could be a total DIYwith a can of spray paint and the following Ikea light fixture!  I could not find it on their hopefully it hasn't been discontinued.  
Purple is known as the color of royalty so who better to show purple in fashion than Kate herself.

Some ways to add some royalty into your life....

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