Tuesday, November 20, 2012

first impression: front door

Sorry for the late post.  All of the things I have put off until last minute for Thanksgiving prep have caught up with me!  I did manage to outfit our front door with Christmas decorations (no worries its the only decorations I have up though...no tree!).  I went with 3 real boxwood wreaths.  I have never used real boxwoods before and am a little nervous that they will stay green until Christmas...so anyone who has used them and has any tips for keeping them alive would be greatly appreciated!

Here's our outfitted door!

Having a brown front door also depresses me a little...but that's what comes with living in a down house I did have the door replaced this year though and added some much better hardware to make it look a little better.



 The door knocker is my favorite...I actually purchased it at the RH outlet before I even closed on the house!  Its still available in a variety of finishes here.  The door lever was also a steal that I found at the Nashville flea market but it can be found here.

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