Monday, November 5, 2012

fire it up

So for the past few days I have had fever + cold chills + sore throat which has left me stuck inside most of the weekend watching movies or sleeping in a NyQuill coma.  I'm hoping this means I have gotten my fall/winter cold out of the way and it won't come visit me again! (fingers crossed!)  But spending so much time inside this weekend and with the weather finally getting cooler it made me realize how much I really wish I had a fireplace.  I mean they instantly make you feel better...right?! (along with a cozy blanket and The Holiday on repeat!)  So that led me on a search for inspirational photos of fireplaces I love...and obviously will make sure to have in my future home!  The search began with me dreaming of a fireplace while I laid on the couch and watched movies.  Then ADD kicked in!  It would be even more awesome to be laying in bed, watching movies with a fireplace.  Or even better...taking a bath with a fireplace in your bathroom!  That would have to be pretty much equal to any antibiotic!

For being cozy in your bed....

Moeski Design Agency

Ike Kigerman Barkley

DHR Architecture

D for Design

Michael Abrams Limited

Morgante Wilson Architects

Garret Cord Werner

Or bath!!.....

love pretty much everything about this bathroom!!

Yvonne McFadden LLC

 those floors...yum!
Busybee Design

Studio William Hefner

Crisp Architects
Not exactly a fireplace, but gives the same effect...pretty genius! Way better than shampoo bottles!

Casa Verde Design

And just to make your fireside time even better....

throw / robe / slippers / vino / book

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